Economic Forum

With the slogan “Green Economy in a Blue World”, the 16th “Swiss-Turkish Economic Forum” will be held at Yapı Kredi bomontiada on September 23, 2022. Ambassador H.E Jean-Daniel Ruch and President of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Türkiye Arpat Şenocak will open the Economic Forum, which will feature a key-note speaker and panelists from the private sector, academia and civil society to discuss the future of our planet.

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Swiss Career Hours


Within the scope of "Swiss Days Istanbul 2022", "Swiss Career Hours" will be held on Saturday, 24 September between 17.00 - 19.30 at Yapı Kredi bomontiada.

Egon Zehnder Turkey, a global management consultancy and executive search firm, will launch Career Hours with a special conference on Saturday 24 September. Egon Zehnder Senior Partner Murat Yeşildere and Office Leader Ayşe Güçlü Onur will share their unique experiences with young people. After a one-hour conference with Egon Zehnder, students will have the opportunity to meet with HR senior officials from leading Swiss companies such as ABB, Barry Callebaut, Belimo, Egon Zehnder, Hilti, Roche, Sika, The Adecco Group, Zurich Insurance.

On Saturday 24 September, after the Career Hours and the event welcoming the young Swiss, Swiss R&B singer Naomi Lareine, nominated for the Swiss Music Awards in 2020 and considered one of Switzerland's most promising voices, will take the stage.

The Swiss Career Hours are supported by ABB, Barry Callebaut, Belimo, Egon Zehnder, Hilti, Roche, Sika, The Adecco Group and Zürich Insurance.

No registration needed. Entrance is free!

Musical Performances

Naomi Lareine

Naomi Lareine is a young singer known as one of Switzerland's most promising voices, with bitter-sweet dulcet tones that sit perfectly amidst her sophisticated, R&B-tinged releases. She was nominated for “SRF 3 Best Talent” at the Swiss Music Awards 2020 and the “Best Breaking Act” at the Lyrics Magazin Awards. The tracks “Issa Vibe” and “Get It” built Naomi’s reputation as a dynamic, innovative, forward-thinking artist and through these releases she has cumulated a diverse and engaged audience.


bconnected was founded in 1994 by Swiss guitarist and composer Eugène Montenero and has, throughout the years managed to preserve a strong identity with roots in Jazz and an open mind towards the wide world of music. Travelling the world nurtured open-mindedness, creativity and musical freedom and helped refining the band's artistic qualities. The musical alchemy occurring when the five combo reunite is palpable throughout the band's performance. This makes for an unforgettable listening experience!

Ariane and Erna - Alphorn

For the Swiss Days we invited two alphorn players from Switzerland. Ariane and Erna will entertain visitors to the event with short performances throughout the weekend on this traditional instrument.
The alphorn is one of the most peculiar instruments that Switzerland has to offer. It is an important part of Swiss customs and tradition since hundreds of years. The sound of an alphorn is far-reaching and can be heard kilometers away. That is why an alphorn sounds impressive especially outdoors and in large rooms. Although anyone can learn to play the alphorn, it is a challenging instrument. Maybe you will get the chance to try it out?

Street Art

Street art is a modern art movement whose graphic works are freely accessible in public spaces. Increasingly known and popular, they embellish empty murals and walls in cities and convey a message at the same time.

During the Swiss Days, two street artists, one Turkish, and one Swiss, will each create a 5 m² street art in the esplanade of Bomontiada on the theme of sustainability and environmental protection. The benefits created from these artworks will be donated to TURMEPA (Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association).

In the days leading up to the Swiss Days, the Turkish artist will paint a 450 m² façade in the nearest vicinity of Bomontiada. You can admire this extraordinary work during your visit to the Swiss Days.

Matteo is only a 12-year young up-and-coming artist from Switzerland. Inspired by various models, Matteo developed his unique style. Typical of his paintings is the cheerful, colorful jumble. You recognize the individual, carefully crafted elements only at a second glance. Matteo's main aim with his pictures is to spread joy and to invite the viewer to linger over the individual building blocks.
No More Lies
No More Lies was born in 1969 in Ankara. Carrying out his painting and managerial career for many years together, the artist chose a life that focuses only on street art, with the pandemic. He often immortalizes members of the animal kingdom on walls with his stencils. Street art lovers greet the polar bears, rhinoceros, zebras, penguins and other figures he built on Istanbul’s run-down walls, moles, and lighthouses with great interest. He continues his street art adventure by free hand drawings, which he started with sticker and stencil.

Especially for the Swiss Days, the Turkish artist No More Lies will create a 450 m² fresco on the theme of "Designing a green Future". It can be seen directly opposite the Swiss Days venue in the YapiKredi bomontiada: Google Map


Lausanne Exhibition

The relations between Switzerland and Türkiye have been diverse and robust for decades. People from both countries have emigrated and left their mark in their new homeland. Some examples are the Swiss architects Fossati, responsible for the important restoration of the Hagia Sophia by order of the Sultan in the 19th century. Or the Swiss family Bomonti from Bern, who founded the famous beer brand of their family name, on whose old factory site we will celebrate the Swiss Days.

But without a doubt, the most important and best-known historical event for Turkish people related to Switzerland was the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne. Negotiations on the agreement took place for months in this Swiss city on the shores of Lake Geneva, where it was finally signed in July 1923. The treaty had an immense impact on modern Türkiye. In view of the centenary and with the great support of the municipality of Şişli, we present their Lausanne exhibition during the Swiss Days in the Art Gallery of Bomontiada. The exhibition is freely accessible during the Swiss Days.


Radio Power FM

The Power Group is the leader in music broadcasting in Türkiye. It combines radio and television on its digital platform. Radio Power FM will broadcast live during the Swiss Days from the esplanade!