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The Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Turkey is located in Istanbul and has been active as a non-profit organisation since 1984.

Its Board and members are leading Swiss entrepreneurs and companies who enjoy excellent business relations in both countries.



  • Swiss Career Hours

    Swiss Career Hours

    Within the scope of “Swiss Days Istanbul 2022”, “Swiss Career Hours” will be held on Saturday, 24 September between 17.00 – 19.30 at Yapı Kredi bomontiada. Egon Zehnder Turkey, a global management consultancy and executive...
  • Concert bconnected

    Concert bconnected

    bconnected was founded in 1994 by Swiss guitarist and composer Eugène Montenero and has, throughout the years managed to preserve a strong identity with roots in Jazz and an open mind towards the wide world of...
    Concert Naomi Lareine

    Concert Naomi Lareine

    Naomi Lareine is a young singer known as one of Switzerland’s most promising voices, with bitter-sweet dulcet tones that sit perfectly amidst her sophisticated, R&B-tinged releases. She was nominated for “SRF 3 Best Talent” at the...

Member Testimonials  

  • SCCT is an organization that strengthens the bond between and the presence of Swiss companies in Turkey. SCCT also gives us confidence with the support it offers to advance commercial relations between the two countries.
    Köksal İbrahimoğlu

    Köksal İbrahimoğlu

    Managing Director, Clariant Turkey A.Ş.

  • The Chamber Commerce could play very important role in our life as you could introduce us to many potential partners in Turkey, and help us develop better relations with the Ministry of Health and other governmental bodies. We appreciate your work and look forward to continuing this dialogue and cooperation in the future.
    Mine Öztürk

    Mine Öztürk

    General Manager, Acino Turkey

  • Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Turkey brings local businesses and the community together and it is great platform for networking with industry professionals and exchanging know-how. It has been a pleasure doing this interview with you and I wish everyone good health.
    Nicolas Kipper

    Nicolas Kipper

    General Manager, Fairmont Quasar Istanbul

  • Networking plays a more important role in leading the way to success, in today’s business world. By networking, you get to know others in your community, develop partnerships, and support other businesses You have the chance to become better connected with the markets, resources and businesspeople to improve value, visibility and credibility, and to share news, ideas and best practices From this point of view, for me the top benefit of being a member of the Chamber of Commerce is networking. Thank you for clustering all these diverse industries under one roof.
    Dr. Natasa Klicko

    Dr. Natasa Klicko

    General Manager, Roche Pharma Turkey

  • We are very pleased to be a member of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Turkey association. Especially, I would like to point out that we will continue to make all kinds of contributions as a company in order to increase trade cooperation between the two countries. I believe that organizations strengthened by social and cultural activities are very useful in increasing the volume of trade between Switzerland and Turkey.
    Turgay Özkun

    Turgay Özkun

    General Manager of Sika Turkey

  • Being a member of the Chamber of Commerce always plays an important role in our business. We become better connected with the markets, resources and businesspeople to improve value, visibility and credibility, and to share news, ideas and best practices.
    Ralph Radtke

    Ralph Radtke

    General Manager and Regional Director of Kempinski Residences in Turkey

  • I believe that the traces of Swiss culture that is embedded in Nestlé’s roots is a vital contributor to company’s continued precision and success. Being a proud member of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Turkey helps us maintain this connection. We believe that Swiss companies operating in Turkey can build a significant synergy while collaborating and gather as one team. As part of this team, it was also a pleasure to be involved in Swiss Days Istanbul 2019 on September 19 to 22 where we presented our brands and strengthen our relations with Swiss companies.
    Ansgar Bornemann

    Ansgar Bornemann

    CEO, Nestlé Turkey



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