Swiss Days Istanbul 2022

The Consulate General of Switzerland in Istanbul, together with the Swiss Business Hub Türkiye and the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Türkiye, organises the Swiss Days under the theme «Designing a Green Future» in Istanbul from 23 to 25 September 2022 at the culture and event venue YapıKredi bomontiada in Şişli in the center of Istanbul.

The Swiss Days are open to the general public (adults, families, young people and children) which can enjoy attractive cultural activities and culinary specialties over the three days. Moreover, an economic forum, workshops, career hours for students, music performances and two exhibitions are on the programme. Renowned Swiss companies established in Türkiye will present themselves with a booth in the YapıKredi bomontiada in the Swiss Village.

As Switzerland is a pioneer in the areas of technology, innovation and sustainability, our theme is “Designing a Green Future” to increase general awareness about the environmental challenges. The Swiss Day’s goal is to make Switzerland more visible in Türkiye and build strong bridges to promote a sustainable future.

The Swiss Days underline the long-standing historical, social and economic relations between Switzerland and Türkiye. A substantial pillar of these relations is the large Turkish community in Switzerland and the Swiss citizens living in Türkiye. Also particularly symbolic is the location’s event, which further underlines Swiss-Turkish relations. The Swiss family Bomonti from Bern settled in Istanbul in the late 19th century where they established the first brewery. This is why Bomonti’s historic brewery, now YapıKredi bomontiada, is the perfect location for the Swiss Days.

Designing a Green Future

In light of the environmental challenges, close collaboration between Switzerland and Türkiye is necessary. Climate change affects our environment and communities and will do so even more in the future.

A sustainable economy, natural energy resources and clean technologies are highly demanded to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Economic operators, institutions and individuals in Switzerland and Türkiye can increase their cooperation with the view of promoting a sustainable and greener world. Close cooperation in trade, transportation, nutrition, entrepreneurship, textiles, machinery, and agriculture will enhance knowledge-transfer and excel research and innovation.

Discover Swiss Innovation & Sustainability

Why is Switzerland Number 1 in Innovation

Switzerland is a leading country in global research and innovation. It is the world’s 7th highest Research & Development (R&D) investor. Annually, the government invests CHF 23 billion in R&D, 3.15% of its GDP. The main focus is on R&D-intensive sectors:

    1. the pharmaceuticals and chemical industry (36.7%),
    2. metals industry (13.7%),
    3. research laboratories (13%)
    4. new technologies (11.3%).

In addition, Switzerland also has a large number of innovative start-ups. Particularly in the fintech and cryptocurrency sectors, including blockchain, Switzerland is one of the leading countries in terms of innovation. Did you know, that the World Wide Web was invented at the CERN in Geneva?

Switzerland is one of the few countries in which sustainability is a constitutional goal. Around two-thirds of Swiss electricity production already comes from renewable energy and Switzerland ranks among the leaders in recycling. Nearly 100% of rail transport is powered by renewables. The country is wholly committed to clean-tech, developing clean technologies to create a world that is more respectful of natural resources, to make the transition to renewable energies and to ensure greater biodiversity.