Zurich Sigorta and TEB Collaborate in one of the New Year’s First Large Investment in Turkey

The leading finance companies Türk Ekonomi Bankası (TEB) and Zurich Sigorta signed an agreement to extend their successful cooperation since 2008 for another decade. One of the first and largest investments in Turkey of the new year. The renewed cooperation has become effective in the beginning of 2021 and engages TEB to offer Zurich Sigorta’s non-life products and services through its network.

Türk Ekonomi Bankası (TEB) and Zurich Sigorta signed a distribution agreement for the distribution of insurance products to TEB customers. It is one of the first investment of the year in Turkey. It enables both parties to continue their successful cooperation and to offer retail and commercial TEB customers access to Zurich Sigorta’s non-life products and services through the bank’s extensive branch network and digital channels.

Yılmaz Yıldız: “This new investment is proof of our confidence in the Turkish economy”

Yılmaz Yıldız, CEO of Zurich Sigorta stressed their confidence in the Turkish economy, saying “Zurich Insurance Group, has made a significant investment in Turkey to date, becoming one of the largest investors in our country ever. Our new investment with TEB despite the enduring COVID-19 crisis is proof of our confidence in the Turkish economy. Turkey offers one of the best environments to international investors in the region.”

Highlighting the strategic importance of the bank distribution channel for Zurich, Yıldız said the following about their cooperation with TEB: “We are delighted that our 12-year partnership with TEB will continue for the next 10 years. I believe that we will have pioneering role in next-generation insurance that focuses on technology and customer satisfaction and will reach out to even more customers with this renewed distribution agreement. In addition to the innovative products we offer our retail customers, we will continue to support the large investments of commercial customers in Turkey with our extensive international experience.”

Ümit Leblebici: “The first international investment of the year reinforces confidence in our region”

Ümit Leblebici, General Manager of TEB said that the distribution agreement with Zurich Sigorta reinforced the confidence of international markets in Turkey and the region, commenting, “Turkey is one of the strongest countries of the region with its growing economy, young population and human resource. As a regional beacon of confidence and a global coordination hub, Turkey has underscored this confidence with the first international investment of the year. As TEB we are delighted to be a critical part of this investment”.

Leblebici continued, “TEB always works hard to contribute to Turkey’s economy and our stakeholders. It is our priority to correctly understand and analyze the needs of our clients, and to offer the best, most reliable products and services that will serve their needs. In insurance products, we maintain monitoring discipline regarding service continuity and guarantees in policies sold through banks.” explaining that the common goal of TEB and Zurich Sigorta was to ensure client satisfaction and assurance of client risks.