Street Art – Matteo

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Street Art

Street art is a modern art movement whose graphic works are freely accessible in public spaces. Increasingly known and popular, they embellish empty murals and walls in cities and convey a message at the same time.

During the Swiss Days, two street artists, one Turkish, and one Swiss, will each create a 5 m² street art in the esplanade of Bomontiada on the theme of sustainability and environmental protection. The benefits created from these artworks will be donated to TURMEPA (Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association).

In the days leading up to the Swiss Days, the Turkish artist will paint a 450 m² façade in the nearest vicinity of Bomontiada. You can admire this extraordinary work during your visit to the Swiss Days.

Matteo is only a 12-year young up-and-coming artist from Switzerland. Inspired by various models, Matteo developed his unique style. Typical of his paintings is the cheerful, colorful jumble. You recognize the individual, carefully crafted elements only at a second glance. Matteo’s main aim with his pictures is to spread joy and to invite the viewer to linger over the individual building blocks.