WEBINAR: 31 MARCH | “The Use of Rapid Antigen Tests and the Benefits they can provide to the Normalizations Process”

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We all witness and observe restricting impacts of COVID-19 on various industries and, as Roche Diagnostics Turkey, we make efforts to make all solutions we offer on international basis to be accessible in Turkey as well. We constantly evaluate the benefits of different COVID-19 test options we offer for overcoming pandemic-related restrictions in hospital laboratories and other areas where non-laboratory tests are required.

Among these, rapid antigen test options proved to contribute to increasing the safety levels and supporting the continuation of life and business during pandemic in hotels and other industries in different countries.

Roche Diagnostics offered the rapid antigen test in Turkey in December to healthcare professionals. Thanks to antigen tests, pandemic control can be achieved faster and with reasonable costs in many workplaces. We would like to invite and inform your institution’s Occupational Health and Safety Experts and/or Medical Personnel to our session to discuss the use of rapid antigen tests and the benefits they can provide to the normalization process.

Date31 March, 11.00-12.00 (Turkey Time)
VenueZoom Webinar, Turkey
Event LanguageTurkish
ParticipationFree of charge